Eliminate COVID-19 and Protect Your Surfaces from Bacteria for 90 Days

Antimicrobial Protective Coating System Meets the EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19. This antimicrobial system can last and remain effective for 90 days. Destroying Germs 24/7 We are proud to present the Antimicrobial Protective Coating System (“APCS”) for your facility. The APCS is comprised of two patented and EPA registered products, both of which are …

Surface Decontamination Protocols

  We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and will continue to follow CDC guidelines. Here are  the protocols we follow when decontaminating any surface: Step 1: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Our employees must wear personal protective equipment before entering the building, those include disposable face shield, gloves, gowns and a N95 respirator. All disposable …

Restroom Remediation

Restroom mold–It is unsightly, omits a very unpleasant smell and can potentially have harmful health effects if there’s too much of the stuff

3 Top Areas of Building Spring Cleaning

For facility managers, spring is a season of opportunity. While you may not have an official “spring cleaning” in your building, the season is a great time to enhance the appearance of your facility, prepare for the hot months ahead, and get proactive with your maintenance.

Why is restoring your acoustical ceiling better than replacing it.

Acoustic ceilings have great advantages for any building, but what do you do when your acoustic ceiling is damaged? Is replacement always the best option?  When it comes to dealing with aged/discolored acoustical ceilings, the answer may surprise you.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Building

From snow to cold temperatures, many of nature’s winter realities can create problems for commercial buildings. Here are some tips to help facility staff prepare for the changes that winter brings and ensure buildings are prepared.

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