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Signing up with Galaxy is easy. Get started by reviewing our service plans to find the option that best fits your technical knowledge, availability, and budget. We offer a suite that can make even the least tech-savvy seem like a Digital Rockstar.


Setting up your new Galaxy Digital signage system is easy. Simply open up the box containing your new signage hardware. Connect to the internet and display. Take a step back and review your accomplishments with a hero’s admiration.

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With a few quick clicks of a mouse, your sign will be displaying all the wonderful things you want to share with the world. Its never been easier to set up, and manage a digital sign. Welcome to the digital age, your businesses ROI will thank you.

Galaxy Digital provides Universally Simple Solutions with a Big Bang of Savings

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The Right Package For You

Understanding your needs is what we do best at Galaxy Digital Signs. Our carefully crafted service and support packages allow us to offer our Digital signage services to everyone, regardless of technical knowledge and experience. With our service package options, you can get assistance managing your display, editing graphics, creating new display layouts, and scheduling ad changes and campaigns. We make it easy for you to get what you need when you need it.

Galaxy Digital Signage has been deployed in small, medium and large installations, with devices in continual operation for the last 3 years. We have experienced 99.9% uptime with downtime limited to regularly scheduled maintenance.

What our clients are saying:

It really is a simple process. I’ve had more trouble hooking up an Xbox. Our bar has seen a 15% increase in the sale of specialty drinks and menu items. Thanks, Galaxy.

I love that I don’t even have to be at my store to change what's displaying. The online tools make it so easy.

Digital Signage Common Uses


The Retail Solution will help bring your business into the 21st century- and impress your customers. You’ll be able to easily promote brand image, customize advertisements and draw in customers, engage with the customer more directly, make the customer experience more enjoyable and save money on paper costs while doing it.


With the Entertainment solution, you’ll be able to make the experience even easier and more enjoyable for yourself and for customers. You’ll be able to boost revenue with more advertising sales, shorten the wait time, promote sales, share special events, promotions or show movie trailers and encourage return visits.


The Restaurant Solution will help improve the customer experience. Digital menus will make the process quicker, and give you an easy-to-update means to let customers know about daily specials or new menu items. It’ll also be a convenient way to display nutritional information, hours for the restaurant and draw in new customers with advertisements.